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Welcome Message

SoA is a gaming group founded in 2002 for the release of Star Wars Galaxies. Upon release the player association was created in game on the Starsider server and grew to become one of the largest and most influential forces on the server. With the SOE butchering of SWG the founders decided to officially end the SoA player association in SWG. What followed was a time where various SoA members played a variety of MMOs with each other and maintained their ties through various games and other media all anticipating the chance to play another game together. We have expanded our chapters in the following MMOs:

Star Wars: The Old Republic
Server: Prophecy of the Five
Server Type: PvP
Timezone: US East
Faction: Republic

Guild Wars 2
Server: Stormbluff Isle
Timezone: US East and West

Lord of the Rings Online
Server: Brandywine
Timezone: US East
Faction: Free Peoples

Latest news
View the latest post WE HAVE MOVED TO HARBINGER
Posted by: Ados » Tue Oct 21, 2014 3:45 am Forum: News

To all players who may be returning with the new expansion, please be aware we have moved to Harbinger server. If you come to Prophecy Of the Five, you will not find us. If you are so inclined you are welcome to move to that server with us. Once there if you need to find us, the easiest way is to /who shards and see who is online, otherwise please stop in Ventrilo for an invite or with questions

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View the latest post Weekly Fleet Datacron
Posted by: ranautus » Thu Feb 06, 2014 7:58 am Forum: News

Was Tyreal-Brandts idea and I fully support it. Tyreal is looking for 4-6 members of guild dedicated to the cause of helping our guild expand. He is looking to do weekly Fleet Datacron runs to give us some positive, and much needed exposure in game.

In order for this to work I think we need to have set days as well as a set time to try and do this. Make an announcement on SWTOR forum as well so no one misses out. Would be good to do this with atleast 6-8 of us on so when a person does decide to join, they don't see a tomb lol. My schedule is opening a little bit so I will be a lot more active than I once was. With my competition again being postponed till the fall of this year my gym time has lessened and game time has immensely picked up. I would vote for doing this on a Friday or maybe Thursday night. Fridays my hours I can give 100% I will be on most times from 11am till almost 7 or 8pm est unless you hear otherwise from me. Thursdays I am on from 3:30pm est till about 9 or 10pm est.

Prime time on our server is about 5:30-7:00pm est when people start to really log in, so this may be the best time to try and get the fleet runs going. Any questions feel free to drop me a mail on DYEING in game or talk to Priest in Ventrilo.

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View the latest post Raiding, PVP, OP's and Flashpoints For SWTOR
Posted by: ranautus » Wed Feb 05, 2014 9:04 am Forum: News

Hey everyone I know it has been a while since I wrote anything on the forums and since I'm back on POT5 full swing in SWTOR figured I would try and help get the ball running for those of us who have remained in the game.

We are in phase 2.6 of the SWTOR updates. Here is a link to the latest patch notes

That being said there have been many changes to the game since its birth. Some good. Some bad. We have lost many in the process, but I see a light at the dim end of the tunnel. In the past few days I have seen 10-12 members log on mostly 55 and of all different classes and skill sets. For the sake of entertainment I thought it only fair to bring up the option of doing raids, ops and flashpoints as a guild again. I'm looking to be able to do them on a daily, weekly basis. Flashpoints should be easy. We should use them to gain gear for the operations we intend to do.

With that being said I'm looking for availabilities, times, days of the week and for players willing to make an effort to complete content in the game. With the number of us logging on lately non of us should be sitting at the desk just twittling our thumbs. I will also be making a note in the pvp section of the forum with links on how to gear up for pvp, strategies and links for pve gear and strategies so stay tuned.

Note: Some of the information I share I have been researching and using bits of pieces to fit my own play style. Do NOT take advice word for word and try to use it. Instead use the advice as a foundation to help you better craft your player and skills.

Last note. I have noticed we are very short on heals within our guild rankings. I will be leveling a commando healer shortly, but is there anyone who would prefer learning heals that already has a healer type leveled? Ming-Vodo has always been our go to in a pinch, but we need more so please be on the lookout for good ones when you see them. Even if we cant get them in guild try and friend them so we can maybe get a group going at a later time.

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View the latest post LOTRO
Posted by: sevinchurch » Fri Jan 03, 2014 9:33 pm Forum: News

A few of us are going to be playing some LOTRO again. I figured I would let everyone know in case they wanted to join us.

If so the server is Brandywine and you can get a hold of myself, Priest, or Pestilence for an invite in game.

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View the latest post Bash the dragon with SoA
Posted by: Chajomi » Fri Jun 14, 2013 9:53 am Forum: News

Like smashing pinatas and eating lots of candy?

Always hated those dragons flying around spreading panic and destruction?

Then come bash the dragons in GW2 with SoA!

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